An #Emmy4Wendi is a must

It’s never too early to start campaigning and, though the idea of campaigning for an award supposedly based on merit is a tad off-putting, this is where we find ourselves.

First, a little background.

The Emmys are comprised of various categories of awards between daytime, primetime, behind-the-camera, in front of the camera, etc… Beginning on June 9th the members of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences are allowed to vote on who they think should be nominated for Primetime Emmys. This year members are allowed to vote online. On July 10th the official nominees are announced and finally the awards are given out on August 25th. During the nomination process each peer group votes for their own peer group (actors for actors, directors for directors, etc…) and everyone votes for the broad categories (i.e. – Outstanding Comedy Series). After the nominations are solidified then a group of judges, also nominated by peers, make the final selection process for the awards. What this means is that only performers/actors can vote in the specific actor-related categories in order to get a person nominated.

Our goal this year at the Goldnerds is to help, in any way possible, get the word out that Wendi McLendon-Covey needs to be nominated in the category of “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.” Certainly we are fans of the entire cast, as well as the writers, crew members, etc… It would be great to create a massive push for every category that “The Goldbergs” qualifies for, but we have chosen a focused approach vs. scattershot. A nomination in any category is really praise for the whole show and we think this would be a boon for Season 2 in the fall.

OK, so why Wendi?

Beverly Goldberg is the talk of the show. Everyone has an immediate emotional reaction when it comes to her character. Whether it be empathy or repulsion she elicits a clearly delineated response. Some of us can identify with the kids, some with the parents, some with the family across the street (hello Kremps!) but everyone knows that for better or for worse Beverly runs the Goldbergs family. This is all brought to life by Wendi McLendon-Covey. The writing is wonderful, but without an actor to portray it properly, the words stay on the page and in the mind. From the first episode Wendi fully inhabited Beverly and never let go. Certainly the rest of the cast actually help enhance her performance, but not everyone can be nominated. The ensemble works together but Wendi has taken a person that does things we would not dream of warming up to in real life and made us love her to death. She gives her all in each and every episode, no matter what wacky situation comes her way.

Wendi has also been making the rounds on various forms of media promoting her new movie (Blended) as well as The Goldbergs. Flying under the radar no longer seems like an option. She seems poised for a break out. This could be a career-defining role. (UPDATE: And she was just nominated for a Critics Choice Award. Her time is nigh!)

You are certainly free to hype up whoever you want, but at Goldnerds HQ we have focused our attention on Wendi and are throwing our efforts behind her. We are not deluded into thinking that with over 16,000 voting members that the right people are going to somehow see our little tweets at the right time and have their opinion swayed. If & when Wendi is nominated it will be on her own great talent and work on this wonderful show. BUT that’s not to say we won’t try…

What’s the plan?

Since the performers (actors) are the only ones who can nominate other performers, the word needs to get out to them that Wendi is a top player in the Outstanding Lead Comedy Actress category. We can’t possibly know all actors in all the shows on all the channels/streams so, each day until nominations are announced, as we find the most popular people with the most followers we will let them know that an #Emmy4Wendi should be on their radar. The hashtag is hopefully a way for other Goldnerds to find your efforts and retweet them when they can.

We have been sharing this FYC (For Your Consideration) poster made by the talented Tv Nerd (@comedy_girl on Twitter) as it makes a great case visually for what is hard to say in 140 characters.


Hopefully you’re following us on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram for everything the discerning Goldbergs fan needs. Let us know how you’re spreading the word on The Goldbergs!


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