Goldnerds Fan Awards – The Goldies!

This Thursday morning Emmy nominations will be revealed. Here at Goldnerds HQ we’ve been thinking, “Why do we need to wait for the Emmys to tell us what’s great on TV?” We know the best show on television is The Goldbergs and the Television Academy will either back us up or have their collective head in the sand. Either way, it’s time for the Goldnerds to make their voice known!

What did you like best about The Goldbergs Season 1? Was it Barry breakdancing, skating, or doing kara-te? Did you enjoy Beverly’s foul mouth or Murray’s chair-love? How about Erica’s French pranks or Adam’s toy collection? The songs, the situations, the somnambulism! (Actually, we don’t think anyone did any sleepwalking. It was just a word that alliteratively popped in!)

Well, it’s time to vote! Beginning tomorrow, and going through the next SIX Wednesdays (through August 13th) we will be revealing a poll with 2 or 3 categories each week for you to vote in/on. Help your favorites win a Goldie! When it’s all done we will tally up the votes and present the winners with their (virtual) trophy.

No need to wait for August 25th (Emmy Awards ceremony)! We’ll reveal our winners August 18-22 and “hand” them their award(s) (which we can’t reveal now but can give you a hint below). Keep your eyes peeled for the first round voting beginning tomorrow July 9th!!