Why “The Goldnerds”?

We are just 5 weeks from the Season 2 premiere of The Goldbergs on ABC! This little “Goldnerds” venture has come a long way during the summer between the seasons and we wanted to give you a refresher course on what we’re doing here.

goldnerdsIn its simplest form “The Goldnerds” are simply fans of The Goldbergs TV show. The name seemed too obvious once it came to mind after hearing Adam bullied with it during a few latter episodes. Nerd was a mildly derogatory term in the 80’s but, along with geek, has made an interesting resurgence/turnaround in the 21st century. It can even be used to describe overzealous fans of anything and that’s where it seemed appropriate to describe dedicated “Goldbergs” fans as Goldnerds.

As with almost anything these days, we assume that once we have a brilliant idea it’s already been taken. [Editor’s note: Many years ago when the annual McDonald’s Monopoly game was gaining popularity I thought of designing a website where people could come together and share their game pieces or discuss what they had and trade this for that. The name? McNopoly of course! It was perfect! So I typed McNopoly.com into the browser and there it was. Someone had already started it a year prior. How could my genius have already been matched?] We quickly Googled “Goldnerds” and found the most popular results pertaining to gold investors from Australia. They already had a lock on the name and we didn’t want to go up against the wealthy so it was time for a little more brainstorming.

goldnerds_logoWell, the show is actually called “The Goldbergs” so wouldn’t it be great to call fans “The Goldnerds”? Yes, yes it would. That name was not taken so we immediately set out to register all “thegoldnerds” names we could. This was successful until Twitter. It turns out someone already has @thegoldnerds and not very active. But @goldnerds was available so it was decision time. Common branding is very important and to make people use different names for different things can lose you fans/customers! In the end we decided to make Twitter the exception and go “thegoldnerds” everywhere else.

This is why you will find us at: instagram.com/thegoldnerds thegoldnerds.tumblr.com facebook.com/thegoldnerds thegoldnerds.wordpress.com thegoldnerdsATgmail.com and right here at thegoldnerds.com. Twitter is the exception twitter.com/goldnerds (@goldnerds). It’s not completely ideal but it’s working so far! We appreciate each and every person who takes the time to Like, Favorite, RT, Share, reblog, etc…our content. Goldbergs fans are the best and Goldnerds Never Say Die!

In order to foster a community aspect among fans we decided to create some cheap membership/business cards. They came out looking better than we had hoped but then came the challenge of actually distributing them to people. We’re not a business and don’t have a printing press at our disposal so we had to limit them to something manageable. Also international shipping can get pricey so we’ve had to keep the recipients in the USA. (We apologize to our international Goldnerds but we’re working on a way to get everyone involved)

2014-08-20 10_25_38-goldnerds_business_cards.pdf - Adobe Reader

The question we get asked a lot is “How do I get a card?” There’s not a simple answer to that because the amount is limited in nature and therefore we can’t give them to just anyone who asks. We feel only the most dedicated fans of The Goldbergs – the true Goldnerds – deserve these cards, but that is something very hard to gauge. So if we see you tweeting, blogging, posting, sharing, commenting on (etc..) a great deal of positive Goldbergs stuff then we will offer one to you. (As of this writing less than half remain). It’s likely that we will miss many true fans and for that we are truly sorry, but the cards are just for fun and we hope to be able to offer more fun in the future.

Thank you for all of your support and for taking the time to read this little explanation. We hope to see you online and can’t wait to join in the fun that’s sure to happen during The Goldbergs Season 2 and beyond!