The Goldbergs Season 1 DVD!!

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Reviews have been pouring in all over the ‘net for the past week so just in case you’ve stumbled upon this by happenstance and don’t know what to think about all this “The Goldbergs” hype, this post is for you.

Every year, without fail, there is a sitcom I write off after a brief taste, only to learn at a later date that the series was basically made for me and I was a fool for ignoring it….and this year, it seems that The Goldbergs has earned its spot on that list – DVDTalk


One of the best, funniest new comedies to launch last season…If you haven’t seen the show, then by all means pick up this DVD and get caught up before the second season premieres on September 24. – CliqueClack


‘The Goldbergs’ Season 1 Rating: **** (of 5) –  Examiner


The 23-episode first season is a sitcom done right – devoid of laugh-track crap, and with each self-contained episode wrapped-up within a 22-minute package of pure retro goodness. – The Rock Father


For anyone who grew up during that decade, the show will deliver some fond memories and some serious laughs. – amNewYork


This is a very funny and nostalgic series that is well-written, directed, and cast. – Todd Erwin at HomeTheaterForum


But there is so much to enjoy about this coming-of-age comedy series….Overall, “The Goldbergs” is nostalgic, hilarious comedy that I look forward to watching and I can’t wait for season two! – J!-ENTonline


Now that these fine people have convinced you to pick up a copy of the 3-disc set, post a picture online and tag the Goldnerds so we can all share in your joy! Many others have done just that:









Only TWO weeks until the Season 2 premiere! Goldnerds never say die!