Month: May 2015

EW Season Finale Awards!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a week since The Goldbergs Season 2 finale! Even harder is the fact that we have to wait FOUR MORE months until Season 3. Ugh! Us Goldnerds feel hard too!

Fear not – it’s time to activate the Goldnerds for awards season! First up is the Entertainment Weekly Season Finale Awards. Now, it would be easy just to write in The Goldbergs for every category, but we’ve taken the guesswork out of some of the categories for you and came up with our own list to help you fill in the blanks. As always you are free to make your own choices, but these are our suggestions for nominations in each of the categories


  • Best Romantic Cliffhanger: Dana leaves for Seattle and gives Adam his ring back – Goldbergs Feel Hard
  • Unforgettable Line: Did you have a fart that fooled you? – Coach Mellor – The Goldbergs
  • Funniest Finale: The Goldbergs – Goldbergs Feel Hard
  • Best Serious Moment in a Comedy: Dana leaves for Seattle & gives Adam his ring back – Goldbergs Feel Hard
  • Best ‘Shipper Moment: Lainey tells Barry “I Love You” – Golbergs Feel Hard
  • Top Tissue Moment: Dana leaves for Seattle and gives Adam his ring back – Goldbergs Feel Hard
  • Best Non-Romantic Cliffhanger: Who was in the Fighting Quaker suit? – Goldbergs Feel Hard
  • Best Use of Music – If You Leave by OMD as both Dana & Erica are leaving – Goldbergs Feel Hard

What else should we put in there? So many lines are unforgettable it’s hard to pick just one! You can refresh and keep submitting. Let’s get The Goldbergs nominated!

Goldbergs Feel Hard

Hey Goldnerds! Ash here bringing you the first look photos of the season finale of The Goldbergs – “Goldbergs Feel Hard”, and I think we can all agree this episode looks amaaaaaaazing.

While we’ll miss the antics of our beloved family over the summer, we can celebrate the fact they’ll be back in Septemeber, and hopefully with a few Emmy Awards in tow, and funnier than ever!

Host Your Own Season Finale Party for The Goldbergs!

We are all sad that the season is coming to a close but we KNOW they’ll all be back in the Fall! In the meantime why not send The Goldbergs into the Summer with a bang – and host your own Season Finale party?! Turn Around Bright Eyes airs on Wednesday May 13th and we’ve got just what you need for a fun night.finale-party

Whether you’re flying solo or hanging out with a few dozen of your closest friends, the first thing you’ll want to do is register with the Goldnerds event here to let us and everyone else know that you’re a fan of the best show on TV!2015-05-01 12_11_26-The Goldbergs Season 2 FINALE Registration _ Eventbrite

Next you’re going to need some Goldnerd swag. There are plenty of designs at CafePress & other sites, but The Goldnerds have also created a few specific designs.

i_believe_jr_football_tshirtOur first and most popular is the “i believe in 1980 something” statement that looks good on everything from T-Shirts to mugs.

OGStickerNext up is our “O.G. Original Goldnerd” design which looks excellent on wearables and a sticker!

ComeSailAwayFinally is “Come Sail Away” which celebrates the skating maven that is Beverly Goldberg. The party is guaranteed to liven-up when you’re caught wearing anything from the Goldnerds collection!

Now that you’ve told the world you’re a Goldnerd and you’re wearing the right stuff, what do you do before (and after) the show actually airs? Food & Games of course!

Over at the event site you’ll find recipes to such Goldbergs classics as “Toad in a Hole,” “Big Tasty Pork,” and Murray’s favorite: “Shrimp Parm.” These culinary oddities are sure to delight any guest who may stop by – including Dave Kim.

If weather and local laws permit you can venture outside to your local Wawa parking lot for a few rounds of Smashball with the JTP. For an indoor ball game, who can forget the knee-killer knows as Ball Ball. Rules are provided below for reference.BallBallRules

Finally, we have created a video trivia game involving every episode of Season 2 (excluding the finale) and will be posting it on YouTube 24 hours before the finale airs. This can be played solo or with a group and can be used as a refresher before, or a ‘reminiscer’ after, the finale. Watch this space for the link! And here it is:

With these tips you’re sure to be on your way to a successful Seasn 2 Finale Party for The Goldbergs! Be sure to share any pictures/videos/high scores with us through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & Instagram!