Host Your Own Season Finale Party for The Goldbergs!

We are all sad that the season is coming to a close but we KNOW they’ll all be back in the Fall! In the meantime why not send The Goldbergs into the Summer with a bang – and host your own Season Finale party?! Turn Around Bright Eyes airs on Wednesday May 13th and we’ve got just what you need for a fun night.finale-party

Whether you’re flying solo or hanging out with a few dozen of your closest friends, the first thing you’ll want to do is register with the Goldnerds event here to let us and everyone else know that you’re a fan of the best show on TV!2015-05-01 12_11_26-The Goldbergs Season 2 FINALE Registration _ Eventbrite

Next you’re going to need some Goldnerd swag. There are plenty of designs at CafePress & other sites, but The Goldnerds have also created a few specific designs.

i_believe_jr_football_tshirtOur first and most popular is the “i believe in 1980 something” statement that looks good on everything from T-Shirts to mugs.

OGStickerNext up is our “O.G. Original Goldnerd” design which looks excellent on wearables and a sticker!

ComeSailAwayFinally is “Come Sail Away” which celebrates the skating maven that is Beverly Goldberg. The party is guaranteed to liven-up when you’re caught wearing anything from the Goldnerds collection!

Now that you’ve told the world you’re a Goldnerd and you’re wearing the right stuff, what do you do before (and after) the show actually airs? Food & Games of course!

Over at the event site you’ll find recipes to such Goldbergs classics as “Toad in a Hole,” “Big Tasty Pork,” and Murray’s favorite: “Shrimp Parm.” These culinary oddities are sure to delight any guest who may stop by – including Dave Kim.

If weather and local laws permit you can venture outside to your local Wawa parking lot for a few rounds of Smashball with the JTP. For an indoor ball game, who can forget the knee-killer knows as Ball Ball. Rules are provided below for reference.BallBallRules

Finally, we have created a video trivia game involving every episode of Season 2 (excluding the finale) and will be posting it on YouTube 24 hours before the finale airs. This can be played solo or with a group and can be used as a refresher before, or a ‘reminiscer’ after, the finale. Watch this space for the link! And here it is:

With these tips you’re sure to be on your way to a successful Seasn 2 Finale Party for The Goldbergs! Be sure to share any pictures/videos/high scores with us through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & Instagram!