‘Who’s Got The Look?’ Part 1

Welcome to the first installment of all things Roxette!

Kidding, of course!

In this series of posts we will be looking at the final images displayed in each episode of The Goldbergs and breaking them down for you.

Pilot Episode – The Circle of Driving

Pilot Episode – The Circle of Driving

This episode is what introduced us to the loveable loud family that is The Goldbergs! This picture is a popular one you can find around the internet that features a young Adam with all of his Transformers. Or Gobots. Or both. He puts on a pretty tough face for someone in a Ghostbusters ringer and short shorts.

From Adam: “Pic 1 is actually the same one I used for Breaking In every episode. Kind of a bridge into my new ABC show. Those are Transformers, Gobots, Voltron and some Japanese imports bought from the toy store in Jenkintown. This pic was taken in pops’ pad in Florida.”

Daddy Daughter Day

Daddy Daughter Day

Mostly remembered for the infamous Bev roller-skating scene (masterfully done by Wendi McLendon-Covey) this also featured the first mention of Erica’s best friend, and bad influence, Lainey! The picture above is the real Murray in what we think may be an early prototype of Mr. Chair and seated next to him in a mini version is Adam (or possibly Barry). As Erica was/is not a real Goldberg, finding a daddy/daughter picture with Murray proved to be quite difficult.

From Adam: “That is me and my dad. This was indeed his first chair I bet this is from 1980. He upgraded to Mr. Chair in the mid 80s.”

Mini Murray

Mini Murray

Our first look at the furniture store (Ottoman Empire) and Vic (Cedric Yarbrough) also brought us into Barry’s athletic world. He wants a shoe that can “literally defy the law of gravity” – the Reebok Pump. The real Barry is almost certainly pictured there, slam-dunking what appears to be a small Nerf-style ball.

From Adam: “Home video of a dunk. I think it’s Barry can’t remember.”

Why’re You Hitting Yourself?

Why’re You Hitting Yourself?

Our first peek at Beverly’s matchmaking skills happens here, as well as Barry & Adam bonding over a scrambled TV channel. This picture is the first of many where Beverly dotes on Adam and he pretends to not like it.

From Adam: “Pretends not to like it? I was in 8th grade. I did not like the snuggles!

The Ring

The Ring

The truth is revealed about Beverly’s wedding ring, forcing a battle of wills (not the first or the last) between she & Murray. This is the first time we meet Dana and begin to root for young love. The wedding photo is surely Murray & Bev but without faces, how are we to know?

From Adam: “This is a photo of Murray and Bev. The only time I ever saw them kiss was in this photo. Hence that episode is the only time we will ever see them kiss.

Who Are You Going To Telephone?

Who Are You Going To Telephone?

It’s Halloween and Adam is torn between dressing up and having fun with Pops or hanging out with the ‘cool’ kids and getting in trouble. In the end Adam & Pops dress up as the Ghostbusters and have a great time. We also meet Barry’s crush – Lexy Bloom. We have no idea which kids are in the picture, but cannot stop laughing at Murray as a mustachioed gypsy of some sort. And who/what is Beverly supposed to be?

From Adam: “That is Bev, Murray me and Barry at a family Halloween party.

Call Me When You Get There

Call Me When You Get There

Barry ignores Bev’s warning and is enticed by Erica to leave the green zone and attend a party in the woods where the nearest payphone is out of order. Murray tracks down Barry who ends up face down in a ditch. This picture provides proof that the real Murray just didn’t like to wear many clothes after a long day’s work.

From Adam: “My dad is chillin in his underpants during dinner.

The Kremps

The Kremps

Future best friends – Adam Goldberg & Chad Kremp – meet for the first time. Their families meet as well and things do not go quite as planned, but everyone ends up becoming great friends (except Erica & Drew, but we’ll save that for later). Looks like Adam & Chad are pictured here either about to get into mischief or have just come back from some. If you want the REAL backstory of the Kremps & The Goldbergs then look no further than our interview with Chad Kremp on a special episode of The Goldnerds Podcast (click here)

From Adam: “That is me and Chad Kremp. Not sure why I tucked my shirt into my shorts. He’s still my best bud to this day and I’m the best man at his wedding coming up!

 Part 2 is coming next week!


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