‘Who’s Got The Look?’ Part 2

We’re back with Part 2 in our series exploring the stories behind the “vanity cards” at the end of each episode. For reasons still unknown, we started with 8 episodes in Part 1. From here on out you get the goods in chunks of five!

Stop Arguing & Start Thanking
Stop Arguing & Start Thanking

Stop Arguing and Start Thanking

This was our first time seeing Uncle Marvin, ‘his’ DeLorean, and Lotions of the Oceans. We hope the annual Thanksgiving episode always includes a visit from Marvin because he brings such strong reactions from each member of the family. We were also introduced to America’s 17th favorite pastime – BallBall (click here for rules).

Beverly & Adam certainly seemed dressed up in the picture above so it could definitely be a holiday gathering. Adam appears to be three sheets to the wind on his 2nd round of Perrier

From Beverly: “This is at least 32 years ago. Adam looks goofy, and I look like I’m chewing food -mushy mouth .But we were having snuggles time”



‘Barry luck’ is not exactly all it’s cracked up to be after he finds out Pops has been lying to him about his winnings at the track. Getting mustard on a ketchup-colored shirt, and ketchup on a mustard-colored shirt, don’t help matters either. Erica responsibly gets a job at Gimbel’s and Bev irresponsibly takes advantage of the family discount, putting the two at odds. Murray steps in to help with reconciliation only after he is forced to eat an apple for dinner. This won’t be the last time Erica & Beverly square off!

In the photo Bev plants a kiss on Barry’s mildy-disgusted face. Doesn’t anyone love the huggies & snuggies? Also, let us know if you can identify the shirt he’s wearing.

From Beverly: “Barry looks like I’m torturing him with a kiss / never loved mom kisses. To this day I’m only allowed to kiss the top of his head”



All plots converge at the school’s talent show. We find out that Erica (Hayley Orrantia) can sing, that Adam will do anything to help his brother save face, & Murray puts on ‘Mom Goggles’ for the first time to proclaim how proud he is of his kids.

In the photo Barry attempts to cobra strike the camera but thankfully the photographer is a safe distance away.

From Adam: “You guys were dead on with all these photos Barry doing karate, my mom and me at Thanksgiving… and of course more Bev snuggies!”

You're Under Foot
You’re Under Foot

You’re Under Foot

Beverly pushes Murray to get Pops back into the furniture store (so he can be out of her hair). Albert tries to run things the old way and Vic just encourages him! Meanwhile Adam & Dana are getting closer and it’s freaking them both out. When he goes to Erica & Barry for advice they convince him to grow up and get rid of his toys, with predictably disastrous and heavily Bev-involved results.

Adam is pictured here with a prized Voltron gift. We have it on good authority that he may still be keeping just a few toys around from his childhood.

The Other Smother
The Other Smother

The Other Smother

At the college fair Barry is amazed that they’ve figured out how to get a school on an island. Beverly is concerned that he is underachieving when compared to Michael Rubenstone. Even worse, she fears that *she’s* underachieving when compared to Mrs. Rubenstone’s smothering skills and total control over her son’s life!

This picture shows Adam ready to attend Rushmore and save Latin! Looks like Bev is holding a diploma or notebook or something. And that hair…!

From Beverly: “Picture taken at Barry’s high school graduation 27 years ago”

Part 3 next week!


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