The Goldies 2015 – Week 1

Summer time for a fan of The Goldbergs means it’s time for the 2nd Annual Goldnerds Fan Awards; or as we affectionately like to call them: The Goldies! You can relive the excitement of last year by checking out our wrap-up post with all the winners. Our original explanation for The Goldies still stands, though the times and some categories will definitely change. We will release new categories every Monday for the next 5 weeks.

You may wonder if any of this makes a difference. Well, we’re not going to go so far as to say that these awards influence the show’s content, but when we asked what you guys most wanted to see in Season 2, you responded with an 80’s TV or movie star…cut to Charlie Sheen in “Barry Goldbergs Day Off.” Coincidence or Goldies Magic??

For the first week you will see some familiar categories, however the coveted f-bomb trophy will now have two winners because so many people got in on the action! As always, you will have an opportunity to write-in your favorites from The Goldbergs Season 2. Now, let the voting begin!

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