‘Who’s Got The Look?’ Part 6

Part 6 continues through Season Two of The Goldbergs! You can click here for Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4, and Part 5 to catch up with where we’ve been. But before you go any further, VOTE VOTE VOTE for The Goldies!!


Big Baby Ball

The point of this episode is to show how awful gym class was in middle school if you weren’t blessed with the skills of an athlete. We know the feeling all too well. Bev does take things a little too far with Coach Mellor but it did make for a great scene at the furniture store. Back at the house Barry is constantly losing to Erica – even in a game of his own design: Barry-Nopoly. Can he eke out a win in Junior Trivial Pursuit?

We cannot verify whether or not this person is a member of the Goldberg family. Clearly he has Adam’s “sports aren’t your sport” skills but who is this awkward quarterback, really?

EDIT: Straight from Bev (@goldilocks405) herself, “That’s Barry throwing the ball”


A Goldberg Thanksgiving

We hope this tradition never ends. Uncle Marvin (Dan Fogler) visiting at Thanksgiving is the gift that keeps on giving! The Wizard and the Power Glove make awesome appearances here, as does an aerobics class with Beverly & Erica. When a pulled vajingo occurs, you know this Thanksgiving won’t be forgotten any time soon.

Pictured are the Goldberg boys. Barry is trying to look too cool for this photo or possibly looking at the wrong camera. Murray chooses to bless his oldest & youngest with a father’s touch.


I Rode A Hoverboard

Many burning questions are answered in this episode, such as: Can one episode start with George Michael and end with Big Tasty Pork? What won’t Beverly put cheese on? Does Dave Kim have a family? Were hoverboards real, Bob??

In the picture we see the friendship that has stood the test of time: Emmy, Adam & some dog.


The Most Handsome Boy On The Planet

Barry is approached in the mall by a “talent scout” who convinces Barry to become a model. Beverly is completely on board because she is convinces of her boy’s deliciousness. Erica knows it’s a scam and Barry has second thoughts once Bev jumps in on some photos. We also get to find out that Murray’s father is STILL ALIVE and LIVES NEARBY!!! What the…??

After this show aired, Adam said that these were actual glamour shots of one of the writers or other crew member. A brave writer or other crew member.


Let’s cut right to the chase – the music video and re-creation at the end of the episode is completely epic. [Kudos to Chad Kremp for finding this and getting it back to Adam in time for the episode.] After the boys find Erica’s New Kids on the Block stuff in the garage and try to use it to their embarrassing advantage, they find out their teasing has actually turned them into fans of the band!

Going out on a limb here and saying that this picture has nothing to do with NKOTB. Most likely drawn by a toddler who loves his/her ‘babby’, this doodle appears to show a young girl with pink bow in her hair. Anyone care to comment?