‘Who’s Got The Look?’ Part 7

Part 7 dives deeper into the vanity cards of Season Two of The Goldbergs! You can click here for Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5 & Part 6 to catch up with where we’ve been. But before you go any further, VOTE VOTE VOTE for The Goldies!!


The Darryl Dawkins Dance

Spoiler Alert: This episode culminates in Barry & Lainey finally becoming a ‘thing’! Prior to that Beverly sets Barry up with a similar version of herself who Erica, in turn, sets up with a very Murray-like young man (played by Jeff Garlin’s real son). Back at the homestead Adam tries to change the ending to the Transformers movie and comes to grips with the fact that Pops might not be around forever.

In the photo Bev & Murray are with Adam (or is it Barry) in the mountains somewhere. Was there a dance up there? Is there a Transformers connection? What does this have to do with the episode?!?!?


Cowboy Country

Adam has real feelings for Dana that Beverly just can’t get behind. In an attempt to show how grown up his love is Adam scales the water tower to spray paint the infamous message – “Adam ♥ Dan” – before running out of paint. Lainey’s dad, Bill Lewis, turns out to be a Cowboys Fan much to the Goldberg men’s chagrin. But forbidden love is the best kind and can’t keep our two teen sweethearts apart for long.

In the photo we return to Beverly posing in her famous “perfetto” shirt with Adam and Pops (possibly) in the background.


Van People

Adam hates the fact that he was voted nicest guy in the yearbook when he was really going for funniest (Best Hair on a Man went to Dave Kim, of course), so he goes to Pops on advice for how to spice up his comedy act. As is often the case, the advice of the sage is misinterpreted and lands Adam in hot water with the various butts of his various jokes. Barry & Erica meanwhile want to move out from under Murray’s heinous rules & on their own into a van down by the garage. The blistering cold plus spilled tuna water may be enough to get Barry back inside, however.

Pops and Adam are shown here in a great example of their wonderful friendship. Little known fact, Adam won the Philadelphia Young Playwrights competition with a play inspired by Pops called Dr. Pickup that he wrote when he was only 15!


Barry Goldberg’s Day Off

What more can we say about this episode other than: WATCH IT OVER & OVER

Pictured is Barry in the most 80’s coolness imaginable – jean jacket with popped collar.


Happy Mom, Happy Life

Beverly becomes grand-smother to Leia DeLorean Goldberg only to lose her in a freak doll-knapping-by-dog accident. The replacement she comes up with is nothing short of terrifying and her involvement puts a strain on Adam & Dana’s relationship. Elsewhere Erica joins the JTP to get back at Barry for stealing her best friend away.

Look at that smile. Beverly is a happy mom! How could Adam *not* have a happy life?!