Goldnerds Membership Packs for 2015

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for – new Goldnerds Membership Cards are finally available! You have the option to purchase a Membership Pack starting now. We will have 80 for sale, but unfortunately eBay is limiting us to 30 packs right now, so we’ll try and figure out how to sell more soon!Card1
Card2You can choose from 2 styles of main membership cards and then get a random sticker included. The first 40 packs (20 of each style) will also receive a mini-card! The packs sell for $2 each and ships for FREE all over the world! Click the style you want above to take you directly to the ordering page.

2 thoughts on “Goldnerds Membership Packs for 2015

  1. Thanks for my new goldnerds membership card Joe. It’s really great! I love the sticker with my favorite smother Wendi on it. As you know she is mine & Ashley’s hero. Thanks for all you do for us goldnerds. Can’t wait till Wed.

  2. 1 carrot 1 apple and 2 beets, with the greens. very good!!!! will make ya pee red for sure. i dol&!.ol.#8230; i found u can juice any veggy with a carrot or apple and it will taste good. maybe not great, but it will be good. i love my juicer. its fun and healthy.

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