‘Who’s Got The Look?’ Part 9

The last cards of Season 2! You can click here for Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5 , Part 6Part 7 & Part 8 to catch up with where we’ve been.


As You Wish

We’ve got to address the picture first. If you’ve been watching Season 3 of The Goldbergs (and why wouldn’t you be?) then you have come across the video of Adam and his Jams. Check out the logo on his shorts here – that’s right: Jams! Giving Bev a big hug and making a funny face. A lot of love in this family.

In this episode Adam takes up fencing for only one reason: he wants to re-enact the swordfighting scene from The Princess Bride. The cardboard from paper towel rolls isn’t quite holding up so Adam goes in for the real thing. Murray seizes on this opportunity, thinking that Adam is finally going to become an athlete. But once Adam’s manipulative ways are revealed he either has to give up his lances or keep fencing to the pain.

On the other side of the house Bev plays matchmaker with Miss Cinoman & Coach Mellor. We hope this continues on into season 3 because even though Barry & Erica were vehemently against it the comedic possibilities are endless!


Dance Party USA

After this episode aired we asked Adam who was in this picture. He told us it was a picture of his wife when she was younger. Furthermore he said that he bases a lot of 9th grade Erica on his wife’s childhood.

In this episode we see Erica transform from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly only to be changed (temporarily) back to a caterpillar again. Not even Coach Mellor’s “uggo speech” can cheer her up. Be amazed as Barry’s pink eye travels from kaleidoscope to pillow to Erica & watch her slowly descend into madness. Hilarious!

Adam find out Pops really isn’t lucky and winds up gambling everything away to Garry Ball. Turns out, the Ball family is really lucky. When Pops loses his metaphorical shirt (and real-a-phorical jacket) to the principal it’s up to Beverly to figure out how to fix this mess so her baby isn’t sad for too long.



This has to be Bill Lewis in front of his car, right? How else could it relate to the episode?

When we last left Lainey’s dad, he had forbidden her to see Barry again. The fact that he’s a Cowboys fan in Eagles territory may have had something to do with it. When their kids are caught canoodling in the janitor’s closet the men are brought together in the principal’s office and find a common enemy: a Giants fan! Their relationship grows from there.

Meanwhile Adam bites off more than he can chew by helping Erica shoot a music video for her application to Julliard. Things don’t go quite as planned when Dave Kim brings over a snake and Beverly attempts to float Garfield on a stick into the shot (must be seen to be believed).


Goldbergs Feel Hard

The happiest/saddest finale in recent memory (though we hear a sad part may eventually get a run for its money). An in-focus Adam and an out-of-focus Beverly close out the season’s vanity cards.

Adam is intent on telling Dana that he loves her. This rubs off on Barry and he inadvertently tells Lainey that he loves her. She immediately starts feeling uncomfortable around him. In order to cover up for that mistake he becomes the school mascot to be closer to her while she cheerleads.

Adam, on the other hand, is getting mixed signals from everyone and decides to not tell Dana that he loves her which makes things awkward. After seeing Lainey finally profess her love for Barry, Adam heads to Dana’s house to tell her that he loves her. She says she loves him too, but there’s a twist – her family is moving to Seattle for the summer and possibly for good! If that wasn’t enough, Erica leaves on a jetplane for music camp which also leaves everyone teary-eyed.

Thankfully Season 3 has come along to cheer us up, but what will happen to all of these unresolved plotlines? And can any answers be found in the new vanity cards? Stay tuned!