The Goldnerds Hotline

If you caught our latest episode of The Goldnerds Podcast (and why wouldn’t you? Click here if you missed it because you fell in a well or vacationed in a cave or something…) then you may have heard a random message pop up near the beginning of our “Lucky” discussion. That message was the first of its kind – a message to the Goldnerds Hotline!


That’s right kiddos! You now have the option of calling-in to the hottest Goldbergs-related Podcast run by Joe & Ashley! Right now the number just takes messages so you can leave us your tips, questions, comments, etc….anything you’d like to talk about. Just call the number above and leave a message and we will do our best to answer and/or include it in the show.

You can discuss the most recent episode and tell us what your favorite parts were, or ask about upcoming episodes, cast news & more. Just make sure to get it in by Thursday morning or your question may have to wait until the following week.

The Goldnerds Hotline is a US-based number but can accept calls from all over the world (charges may apply). Call 707-67NERD6 or 707-676-3736 today!

5 thoughts on “The Goldnerds Hotline

    1. Hey Larcy! I don’t think S3 or any seasons going forward will be available on DVD. Everything looks like it’s going digital….a little too early for my tastes!!

      1. Wow!! I am so disappointed!! With the change to Wednesday night, we’ve missed so many episodes and we are not a digital family. We’ve got season one and two on DVD and have been able to share and get friends hooked on this fun show!! I’m really sorry to hear this. But thanks so much for letting me know!! I’ll stop looking for it ( on a bi-weekly basis).

      2. grim (51)-Classic. What other state would actually have statutes that make dwarf bowling illegal?Oh, I fo0Jet&#823r;Ng.Thos are the laws that get written when your gubmint can’t do anything of real value.

  1. That Eagles coat Barry was wearing was from 1996….just sayin…..I had a Miami Hurricanes one back in the day

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