The Goldnerds Hotline

If you caught our latest episode of The Goldnerds Podcast (and why wouldn’t you? Click here if you missed it because you fell in a well or vacationed in a cave or something…) then you may have heard a random message pop up near the beginning of our “Lucky” discussion. That message was the first of its kind – a message to the Goldnerds Hotline!


That’s right kiddos! You now have the option of calling-in to the hottest Goldbergs-related Podcast run by Joe & Ashley! Right now the number just takes messages so you can leave us your tips, questions, comments, etc….anything you’d like to talk about. Just call the number above and leave a message and we will do our best to answer and/or include it in the show.

You can discuss the most recent episode and tell us what your favorite parts were, or ask about upcoming episodes, cast news & more. Just make sure to get it in by Thursday morning or your question may have to wait until the following week.

The Goldnerds Hotline is a US-based number but can accept calls from all over the world (charges may apply). Call 707-67NERD6 or 707-676-3736 today!