Goldnerds Membership Card Contest

Season 4 is fast approaching. Where has the summer gone? And where are my new Goldnerds cards (you may be asking yourself)? Well you’re in luck! YOU have the power to do something about it!

2014-08-20 10_25_38-goldnerds_business_cards.pdf - Adobe Reader

For the next few weeks you can submit your best Goldnerds Membership Card design(s) to us here at Goldnerds HQ and if we like what we see you’ll get 10 cards of your very own design – courtesy of The Goldnerds – as well as have them distributed to other Goldnerds all over the world!


The images (front & back) should be at a relatively high resolution and fit inside a 3.5″x2.5″ frame. You can check out the official Moo Product Templates (specifically the Moo Size Business Cards) at this link. Submit your item(s) via e-mail to [email protected]


This contest will run through the September 9th, 2016 with the winner(s) announced shortly thereafter! Hit us with your best shot – fire away!

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