Meet The Team

Meet The Team

We are The Goldnerds  – fans of the hit ABC comedy “The Goldbergs”, and if you’re a fan of the show wear the Goldnerd title proudly!

We’re a group of fans that get together to tweet, facebook, gush, cry, hashtag and even podcast about our favorite show and we’d love to hear from you!

Joe is the mastermind behind The Goldnerds fandom online, and will forever be known as the OG Goldnerd.


Ash is the curator or and lives by the creedo “What would Wendi do?”.

Fave Episode: The Circle of Driving.. Again

Fave Character: Bev

Fave Bomb Moment: “It’s French for ‘Eat S***!'”

Shai is the man behind the brilliant animations seen throughout the seasons, and is our current in house Podcast Recorder!

Fave Episode: Rush

Fave Character: Adam


Lanz is our resident #Blainey supporter, and continuity expert.

Fave Character: Barry

Fave Episode: Barry Goldbergs Day Off