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The Goldies 2015 – Week 1

Summer time for a fan of The Goldbergs means it’s time for the 2nd Annual Goldnerds Fan Awards; or as we affectionately like to call them: The Goldies! You can relive the excitement of last year by checking out our wrap-up post with all the winners. Our original explanation for The Goldies still stands, though the times and some categories will definitely change. We will release new categories every Monday for the next 5 weeks.

You may wonder if any of this makes a difference. Well, we’re not going to go so far as to say that these awards influence the show’s content, but when we asked what you guys most wanted to see in Season 2, you responded with an 80’s TV or movie star…cut to Charlie Sheen in “Barry Goldbergs Day Off.” Coincidence or Goldies Magic??

For the first week you will see some familiar categories, however the coveted f-bomb trophy will now have two winners because so many people got in on the action! As always, you will have an opportunity to write-in your favorites from The Goldbergs Season 2. Now, let the voting begin!

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Goldbergs Feel Hard

Hey Goldnerds! Ash here bringing you the first look photos of the season finale of The Goldbergs – “Goldbergs Feel Hard”, and I think we can all agree this episode looks amaaaaaaazing.

While we’ll miss the antics of our beloved family over the summer, we can celebrate the fact they’ll be back in Septemeber, and hopefully with a few Emmy Awards in tow, and funnier than ever!

2014 Wrap-up

AKA – Goldnerds: Year One!

goldnerdsAs we look back on 2014 we realize it was a great year for both The Goldbergs and the Goldnerds! Anything that’s good for the show is great for its fans and that mean #1980something was awesome in 2014.

The Goldnerds launched back in May just in time for the Season 1 finale. The only thing we knew was that more and more people needed to watch this show and thus the fandom was born! Right out of the gate we got some fun followers on Twitter and the dream became a reality.

We were faced with the problem of launching a fandom in the summer between the seasons, but thankfully ABC helped us out with two episodes of The Goldbergs on most Wednesdays throughout the summer. Also, to unify the fans, we decided to create and rally behind #Emmy4Wendi. Oh, and we also instituted #FunFactFriday throughout most Fridays of the summer. And this was just what we started in May!

In June we hit full stride on the #Emmy4Wendi campaign and received some great artwork help from the WendiFanSite. Unfortunately an official nomination was nowhere to be found so it was up to the fans to take matters into their own hands. The Goldies was/were born in July!

The first annual Goldies (Goldnerds Fan Awards) was a smashing success and ran through August. With Season 2 in full swing some categories are already shaping up for next year! (You can see last year’s winners right here.) July was also the month we debuted our first series of Goldnerds membership cards. Towards the end of July the cast was back at it and gearing up for Season 2 and August brought more hints of what was to come!

September began the 23 Days of Goldbergs leading up to the Season 2 premiere. The Season 1 DVD was released to great acclaim and we launched our first line of Goldnerds clothing & accessories (which was quickly shut down due to the fact that we had no idea Sony was planning on doing something similar the following month). You can still believe in 1980something however, because our re-design was eventually approved for purchase. Click here to order!

October saw the release of the Goldnerds Downloadable Collectible (which didn’t get quite the traction we were hoping for, but contained brilliant almost minimalist designs from @comedy_girl that you shouldn’t have missed). Season 2 was rockin’ onscreen and in the ratings so it was time for a November surprise! That’s right – Goldnerds Cards: Series 2! The release of the new cards actually occurred in December, but the giveaway hasn’t quite gone as planned & we’re still stocked with new cards we’d love to give to you (see giveaway post for details).

Though we have come to the last day of the year it really only feels like the Goldnerds are just getting started. There’s obviously plenty of news to be shared for the rest of The Goldbergs Season 2 (more on that in a later post). It looks like 2015 holds a lot of promise for the fans.

Happy New Year Goldnerds! See you in 2015

That’s A Goldies Wrap!

After six long weeks of having to click a button for your favorite Goldbergs things, the Goldnerds Fan Awards have come to a close. We’d like to thank each and every person who took the time to vote for their favorites (or write in their favorites when the choice wasn’t there). You made this a success!

We had some odd & funny write-ins, including:

  • “Barry eating donuts out of the trash” as his best talent
  • Vic & Mr. Kremp as favorite single guest star appearance (they’re in multiple episodes)
  • Uncle Marvin as favorite multiple appearance guest star (he’s in one episode)

But the best write-in had to be in the Adam’s “real” Best Friend category – someone simply wrote “Pops,” which is all kinds of heartwarming goodness.

You may have noticed the image on our trophy was none other than the funny, beautiful & talented Goldie Hawn. Who better to represent the award than Goldie herself?!funGoldie

All winners are listed below so you can relive the excitement and the percentages are available on all polls so you can find out how much your votes won (or lost) by. We can’t wait to find out what’s in store for Season 2 so we can get ready for Goldies 2015!

barrys-match barrytalent best-costume best-friend bestkiss bev-fbomb cedric-vic erica-prank ericas-prank fave-episode fave-goldberg fave-song lexys-party s2-request unclemarvin

Goldnerds Fan Awards – The Goldies!

This Thursday morning Emmy nominations will be revealed. Here at Goldnerds HQ we’ve been thinking, “Why do we need to wait for the Emmys to tell us what’s great on TV?” We know the best show on television is The Goldbergs and the Television Academy will either back us up or have their collective head in the sand. Either way, it’s time for the Goldnerds to make their voice known!

What did you like best about The Goldbergs Season 1? Was it Barry breakdancing, skating, or doing kara-te? Did you enjoy Beverly’s foul mouth or Murray’s chair-love? How about Erica’s French pranks or Adam’s toy collection? The songs, the situations, the somnambulism! (Actually, we don’t think anyone did any sleepwalking. It was just a word that alliteratively popped in!)

Well, it’s time to vote! Beginning tomorrow, and going through the next SIX Wednesdays (through August 13th) we will be revealing a poll with 2 or 3 categories each week for you to vote in/on. Help your favorites win a Goldie! When it’s all done we will tally up the votes and present the winners with their (virtual) trophy.

No need to wait for August 25th (Emmy Awards ceremony)! We’ll reveal our winners August 18-22 and “hand” them their award(s) (which we can’t reveal now but can give you a hint below). Keep your eyes peeled for the first round voting beginning tomorrow July 9th!!

I AM #Emmy4Wendi

With only a few days of voting left it’s time to unleash the power of the Goldnerds all over these interwebs! Please post something, anything, with #Emmy4Wendi (you can also add ‘@wendimclendonco’ if it’s a tweet and she just might see it!) It could be a simple tweet, a photo, a blog post, tumblr image, instagram pic, etc…

Let everyone know you want to see Wendi McLendon-Covey at podium on Emmy night. Voting ends June 20th (Friday) so we only have a few days to show our support for the matriarch of the Goldbergs clan! Prove the doubters wrong and get on the Emmy voters’ radar!