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The Goldies 2015 Wrap Up

It was another great year for the Goldnerds Fan Awards! We couldn’t have done it without all of the fans and the thousands of votes that came through. Thank you for voting and for telling your friends to vote.

There was some confusion in the write-in portions and many people chose Season 1 events or characters, so next year we will definitely specify that the awards are specific to Season 3. Congratulations to all of the winners (listed below)!

Be sure to pick up The Goldbergs Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD to relive all the fun (if you haven’t already) before Season 3 premieres on September 23rd.

List of Goldies 2015 Winners:

faveCostume faveNonBevBleep faveCedric faveSusan faveGuestCharlie faveJTP faveNat loveNinja BevvyBleep bestTearjerker lexiBloom movieStar faveEp

EW Season Finale Awards!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a week since The Goldbergs Season 2 finale! Even harder is the fact that we have to wait FOUR MORE months until Season 3. Ugh! Us Goldnerds feel hard too!

Fear not – it’s time to activate the Goldnerds for awards season! First up is the Entertainment Weekly Season Finale Awards. Now, it would be easy just to write in The Goldbergs for every category, but we’ve taken the guesswork out of some of the categories for you and came up with our own list to help you fill in the blanks. As always you are free to make your own choices, but these are our suggestions for nominations in each of the categories


  • Best Romantic Cliffhanger: Dana leaves for Seattle and gives Adam his ring back – Goldbergs Feel Hard
  • Unforgettable Line: Did you have a fart that fooled you? – Coach Mellor – The Goldbergs
  • Funniest Finale: The Goldbergs – Goldbergs Feel Hard
  • Best Serious Moment in a Comedy: Dana leaves for Seattle & gives Adam his ring back – Goldbergs Feel Hard
  • Best ‘Shipper Moment: Lainey tells Barry “I Love You” – Golbergs Feel Hard
  • Top Tissue Moment: Dana leaves for Seattle and gives Adam his ring back – Goldbergs Feel Hard
  • Best Non-Romantic Cliffhanger: Who was in the Fighting Quaker suit? – Goldbergs Feel Hard
  • Best Use of Music – If You Leave by OMD as both Dana & Erica are leaving – Goldbergs Feel Hard

What else should we put in there? So many lines are unforgettable it’s hard to pick just one! You can refresh and keep submitting. Let’s get The Goldbergs nominated!

2014 Wrap-up

AKA – Goldnerds: Year One!

goldnerdsAs we look back on 2014 we realize it was a great year for both The Goldbergs and the Goldnerds! Anything that’s good for the show is great for its fans and that mean #1980something was awesome in 2014.

The Goldnerds launched back in May just in time for the Season 1 finale. The only thing we knew was that more and more people needed to watch this show and thus the fandom was born! Right out of the gate we got some fun followers on Twitter and the dream became a reality.

We were faced with the problem of launching a fandom in the summer between the seasons, but thankfully ABC helped us out with two episodes of The Goldbergs on most Wednesdays throughout the summer. Also, to unify the fans, we decided to create and rally behind #Emmy4Wendi. Oh, and we also instituted #FunFactFriday throughout most Fridays of the summer. And this was just what we started in May!

In June we hit full stride on the #Emmy4Wendi campaign and received some great artwork help from the WendiFanSite. Unfortunately an official nomination was nowhere to be found so it was up to the fans to take matters into their own hands. The Goldies was/were born in July!

The first annual Goldies (Goldnerds Fan Awards) was a smashing success and ran through August. With Season 2 in full swing some categories are already shaping up for next year! (You can see last year’s winners right here.) July was also the month we debuted our first series of Goldnerds membership cards. Towards the end of July the cast was back at it and gearing up for Season 2 and August brought more hints of what was to come!

September began the 23 Days of Goldbergs leading up to the Season 2 premiere. The Season 1 DVD was released to great acclaim and we launched our first line of Goldnerds clothing & accessories (which was quickly shut down due to the fact that we had no idea Sony was planning on doing something similar the following month). You can still believe in 1980something however, because our re-design was eventually approved for purchase. Click here to order!

October saw the release of the Goldnerds Downloadable Collectible (which didn’t get quite the traction we were hoping for, but contained brilliant almost minimalist designs from @comedy_girl that you shouldn’t have missed). Season 2 was rockin’ onscreen and in the ratings so it was time for a November surprise! That’s right – Goldnerds Cards: Series 2! The release of the new cards actually occurred in December, but the giveaway hasn’t quite gone as planned & we’re still stocked with new cards we’d love to give to you (see giveaway post for details).

Though we have come to the last day of the year it really only feels like the Goldnerds are just getting started. There’s obviously plenty of news to be shared for the rest of The Goldbergs Season 2 (more on that in a later post). It looks like 2015 holds a lot of promise for the fans.

Happy New Year Goldnerds! See you in 2015


***UPDATE: The podcast is LIVE over at Podbean or on iTunes! Listen to the December 3rd episode, e-mail the Top5 to [email protected] and WIN!!!

First things first – there is a NEW episode of The Goldbergs tonight on ABC entitled “I Rode A Hoverboard” and it looks amazing as always. Be sure to watch tonight at 8:30/7:30C

Now, on to the giveaway. Many of you noticed last week when we posted both old and new Goldnerds cards that we had in our possession. It’s taken quite a bit of brainstorming trying to figure out a way to distribute them but we have finally come up with a way!

New cards!

This morning our CEO (Joe Goldnerds) made his audio debut on TheFlickStop podcast talking about all things Goldbergs. It was an awesome experience and throughout the show he listed his top 5 favorite episodes so far. If you would like a pair of these fancy new Goldnerds cards, all you need to do is listen to the show in its entirety (watch our Twitter & Facebook feeds for the link) and e-mail Joe’s top 5 to [email protected]. If you’re one of the first 30 to correctly send in the list then you win and will be contacted for further details!

Original Goldnerds Memebership Cards

Keen Goldnerds followers know that on Facebook we also announced that we found an extra TWO original Goldnerds Membership Cards. This means that two lucky winners will be selected at random to ALSO receive one of those highly-coveted & highly-laminated bundles of joy!

Happy Holidays from The Goldnerds

Goldbergs News!

In the middle of the Marvel internet freakout, some really cool news about upcoming episodes of The Goldbergs was released that you may have missed.

  • Ferris Bueller Tribute Episode

On Tuesday it was announced that the John Hughes homage is finally set – “Adam’s Folly” will be based on the hit 1986 classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. From The Hollywood Reporter:

“Ferris Bueller (played by Matthew Broderick) exuded cool. He got the girl, he had the epic day off, he outsmarted his teachers, parents, siblings and classmates. And the way John Hughes captured that epic day of fun, it was the obvious choice to send the Goldbergs on a quest to re-create that awesome day off,” Goldberg said in a statement. “My older brother Barry and I had little in common growing up, but we shared an equal obsession with Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Watching it over and over was how we bonded and we quoted lines from it as if it was our secret language. We saw ourselves in the iconic character of Ferris, the popular schemer who could do no wrong. However, we all knew the reality — neither of us was a Ferris. Sadly, we both more resembled Cameron (Alan Ruck), Ferris’ hapless sidekick.”

We’re looking forward to the many possibilities this episode can bring. Compared to a 22-minute episode, the hilarity-ensuing hijinks of Ferris are virtually limitless. Here’s to hoping Ben Stein gets a cameo, we get to hear “Oh Yeah!” (maybe with a Twix or two), and that Barry walks out in his robe at the end saying “You’re still here? It’s over. Go home!”

  • New Kids on the Block tribute

On Wednesday, also from Lesley Goldberg at The Hollywood Reporter, we found out a little more information about an upcoming episode entitled “DannyDonnieJoeyJonJordan” based on those guys with the ‘Right Stuff,’ NKOTB. Says Adam:

“I have a whole episode mapped out in my head about the time that me and Chad Kremp became obsessed with the New Kids. It started out in jest, and we ended up really loving their music. And that’s perfect for Adam and Barry.”

  • The Return of Big Tasty

If you missed last night’s Halloween Episode – “Family Takes Care of Beverly” – you missed the return of Barry’s rap persona/alter-ego Big Tasty. With the JTP (Jenkintown Posse) beatboxing in the background Big Tasty rapped his love for Lainey (or L to the Y to the N to the E). With news that a mini-Bev called Evelyn is on the horizon to be set up with Barry for an episode 2015, and word that Lexy Bloom will return, it sounds like the tough-but-gentle warrior will have his hands full with the ladies this season!

  • Upcoming episodes – November sweeps

IMDB has the order all out of whack, but the press releases for the next few episodes are as follows:

November 5th – The CMA Awards take over all of ABC’s Wednesday night lineup so new episodes are pushed back a week.

November 12th – “Big Baby Ball”

“When Mr. Meller singles out Adam during a game of Dodgeball, Beverly intervenes to protect Adam and gets Meller fired. But soon, Murray and Adam see him in a new light, so Beverly tries to get his job back…will she succeed? Meanwhile, Barry can’t accept Erica is better than him in a new board game… Trivial Pursuit”

November 19th – “A Goldbergs Thanksgiving”

“As a bet, Beverly challenges Erica to participate in Jazzercise after she thinks her mom’s obsession is lame.  When she wins, Erica decides to opt out of celebrating Thanksgiving so Beverly must find a way to win her daughter back to celebrate the holiday with the family.  Meanwhile, uncle Marvin shows up for his annual visit to the Goldberg home and unexpectedly bonds with Adam which annoys Murray.”

Which means it’s quite possible that Dan Fogler – 2014 Goldies winner for best guest star – will be returning! Wonder if we’ll see Nitrous (Dustin Ybarra) again this season as well?

Which episode are you most looking forward to in November?

Kara-te Angel

It’s here – your Goldnerds Downloadable Collectible Series 1, Card 2 of 6, has finally arrived!

Again, we worked closely with the wonderful Wendi McLendon-Covey Fansite to bring you this two-color gem. When paired with Monday’s release, we think you’ll find that this collection is shaping up to be something quite special! We also did a slightly more difficult puzzle for this one (lots of white space but still do-able!) over here:


Speaking of Ms. McLendon-Covey, today is her birthday! Please go & wish our favorite smother all the happiness on her glorious day! ae0d4-bevskatingKeep it locked on the Goldnerds social media outlets for all the info a fan could want about The Goldbergs!

Goldnerds Downloadable Collectibles – Series 1

The lament of Goldbergs fans is finally over. Your ship has come in!

For those of you who were unable to obtain the most coveted hand-numbered & laminated cards of the summer, we have heard your cries! We partnered with the good folks over at the Wendi McLendon-Covey fansite (visit or @Wendifansite on Twitter) to bring you something special! Over the next 5 weeks we will be releasing 6 downloadable card-sized images that you can have for your very own. Upon release of the 6th card a final surprise will be revealed. We can’t think of a better way to show your love for The Goldbergs (other than a shirt, mug, or other item, of course)

Today we will release card #1, with each subsequent card being release on next 5 Fridays.
adam-soloFor a special puzzle preview, click the following link:

Wear Your Fandom!

The time has come for Goldnerds to get out from behind the computers, tablets, phones & TV sets and venture out into the real world. Assuming you all wear clothing (boy, we hope so) then do we have something for you! Show of your pride and love for The Goldbergs by declaring it with what you wear!


We can understand that you may be a little hesitant to purchase something without seeing how it looks in real life. To that end we bestowed upon one lucky Goldnerd these two sample shirts which turned out looking pretty snazzy!


But WAIT! There’s more! In addition to dozens of shirts, styles & colors we also have a wide variety of accessories! Cups, mugs, totes, stickers & more are yours for the taking! And if you know of something that CafePress provides that we haven’t listed, let us know and we will do our best to make it available to you!

2014-09-18 12_10_40-Accessories _ The Goldnerds Store

We’re in the process of creating some fancy new designs so keep checking back to see if something new grabs your attention.

Why “The Goldnerds”?

We are just 5 weeks from the Season 2 premiere of The Goldbergs on ABC! This little “Goldnerds” venture has come a long way during the summer between the seasons and we wanted to give you a refresher course on what we’re doing here.

goldnerdsIn its simplest form “The Goldnerds” are simply fans of The Goldbergs TV show. The name seemed too obvious once it came to mind after hearing Adam bullied with it during a few latter episodes. Nerd was a mildly derogatory term in the 80’s but, along with geek, has made an interesting resurgence/turnaround in the 21st century. It can even be used to describe overzealous fans of anything and that’s where it seemed appropriate to describe dedicated “Goldbergs” fans as Goldnerds.

As with almost anything these days, we assume that once we have a brilliant idea it’s already been taken. [Editor’s note: Many years ago when the annual McDonald’s Monopoly game was gaining popularity I thought of designing a website where people could come together and share their game pieces or discuss what they had and trade this for that. The name? McNopoly of course! It was perfect! So I typed into the browser and there it was. Someone had already started it a year prior. How could my genius have already been matched?] We quickly Googled “Goldnerds” and found the most popular results pertaining to gold investors from Australia. They already had a lock on the name and we didn’t want to go up against the wealthy so it was time for a little more brainstorming.

goldnerds_logoWell, the show is actually called “The Goldbergs” so wouldn’t it be great to call fans “The Goldnerds”? Yes, yes it would. That name was not taken so we immediately set out to register all “thegoldnerds” names we could. This was successful until Twitter. It turns out someone already has @thegoldnerds and not very active. But @goldnerds was available so it was decision time. Common branding is very important and to make people use different names for different things can lose you fans/customers! In the end we decided to make Twitter the exception and go “thegoldnerds” everywhere else.

This is why you will find us at: and right here at Twitter is the exception (@goldnerds). It’s not completely ideal but it’s working so far! We appreciate each and every person who takes the time to Like, Favorite, RT, Share, reblog, etc…our content. Goldbergs fans are the best and Goldnerds Never Say Die!

In order to foster a community aspect among fans we decided to create some cheap membership/business cards. They came out looking better than we had hoped but then came the challenge of actually distributing them to people. We’re not a business and don’t have a printing press at our disposal so we had to limit them to something manageable. Also international shipping can get pricey so we’ve had to keep the recipients in the USA. (We apologize to our international Goldnerds but we’re working on a way to get everyone involved)

2014-08-20 10_25_38-goldnerds_business_cards.pdf - Adobe Reader

The question we get asked a lot is “How do I get a card?” There’s not a simple answer to that because the amount is limited in nature and therefore we can’t give them to just anyone who asks. We feel only the most dedicated fans of The Goldbergs – the true Goldnerds – deserve these cards, but that is something very hard to gauge. So if we see you tweeting, blogging, posting, sharing, commenting on (etc..) a great deal of positive Goldbergs stuff then we will offer one to you. (As of this writing less than half remain). It’s likely that we will miss many true fans and for that we are truly sorry, but the cards are just for fun and we hope to be able to offer more fun in the future.

Thank you for all of your support and for taking the time to read this little explanation. We hope to see you online and can’t wait to join in the fun that’s sure to happen during The Goldbergs Season 2 and beyond!

Get your VOTE on!

The stars have aligned this week and we have THREE options for all fans of the Goldbergs to vote and allow their voices to be heard!

First, all of you Goldnerds know that the Goldies has been running since July and we are down to the last few days of voting. All awards will be virtually handed out next week so get your last minute votes in below (including the newest category – Favorite Goldberg) or at this link.

fb-nanner3Next up, and also ending this week, is the EWwy awards hosted by Entertainment Weekly (EW). This is of course in response to the GIGANTIC Emmys snub of Wendi McLendon-Covey, so they created a whole awards event just for her. They had to sprinkle the love around to other people and categories just to make it seem fair (I mean, we love Emmy Rossum, but Shameless isn’t even a comedy!!!!), but we know why it really exists. Enough reading, just go vote for Wendi over here! tumblr_na5xjohLej1raqesqo1_500 And then come back and get this badge! (both badge and poster were created by the wonderful and talented @comedy_girl) wendibadgeLastly, but not leastly, on our list is the Totally Awesome Goldbergs Marathon (or the TAGM) which airs on ABC September 3rd at 8/7C. Here you can vote for your favorite 80’s moment (sound familiar?) from everyone’s favorite show. It says the top moments (plural) will be featured so while “Call Me When You Get There” is way out in the lead, there’s still hope for our favorite “Goldbergs Never Say Die” to show up. Vote for the TAGM here.

It’s an exciting time to be a member of the Goldnerds! Keep sharing for your chance to get one of the limited edition Goldnerds Membership cards that everyone is talking about