The Goldies 2015 Wrap Up

It was another great year for the Goldnerds Fan Awards! We couldn’t have done it without all of the fans and the thousands of votes that came through. Thank you for voting and for telling your friends to vote.

There was some confusion in the write-in portions and many people chose Season 1 events or characters, so next year we will definitely specify that the awards are specific to Season 3. Congratulations to all of the winners (listed below)!

Be sure to pick up The Goldbergs Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD to relive all the fun (if you haven’t already) before Season 3 premieres on September 23rd.

List of Goldies 2015 Winners:

faveCostume faveNonBevBleep faveCedric faveSusan faveGuestCharlie faveJTP faveNat loveNinja BevvyBleep bestTearjerker lexiBloom movieStar faveEp

The Goldies 2015 – FINAL WEEK

The final week is upon us. All Goldies awards for 2015 will be awarded next Monday, September 7th. Results will be hidden soon so you’ll just have to keep coming back to vote for your favorites to make sure they win!


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‘Who’s Got The Look?’ Part 7

Part 7 dives deeper into the vanity cards of Season Two of The Goldbergs! You can click here for Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5 & Part 6 to catch up with where we’ve been. But before you go any further, VOTE VOTE VOTE for The Goldies!!


The Darryl Dawkins Dance

Spoiler Alert: This episode culminates in Barry & Lainey finally becoming a ‘thing’! Prior to that Beverly sets Barry up with a similar version of herself who Erica, in turn, sets up with a very Murray-like young man (played by Jeff Garlin’s real son). Back at the homestead Adam tries to change the ending to the Transformers movie and comes to grips with the fact that Pops might not be around forever.

In the photo Bev & Murray are with Adam (or is it Barry) in the mountains somewhere. Was there a dance up there? Is there a Transformers connection? What does this have to do with the episode?!?!?


Cowboy Country

Adam has real feelings for Dana that Beverly just can’t get behind. In an attempt to show how grown up his love is Adam scales the water tower to spray paint the infamous message – “Adam ♥ Dan” – before running out of paint. Lainey’s dad, Bill Lewis, turns out to be a Cowboys Fan much to the Goldberg men’s chagrin. But forbidden love is the best kind and can’t keep our two teen sweethearts apart for long.

In the photo we return to Beverly posing in her famous “perfetto” shirt with Adam and Pops (possibly) in the background.


Van People

Adam hates the fact that he was voted nicest guy in the yearbook when he was really going for funniest (Best Hair on a Man went to Dave Kim, of course), so he goes to Pops on advice for how to spice up his comedy act. As is often the case, the advice of the sage is misinterpreted and lands Adam in hot water with the various butts of his various jokes. Barry & Erica meanwhile want to move out from under Murray’s heinous rules & on their own into a van down by the garage. The blistering cold plus spilled tuna water may be enough to get Barry back inside, however.

Pops and Adam are shown here in a great example of their wonderful friendship. Little known fact, Adam won the Philadelphia Young Playwrights competition with a play inspired by Pops called Dr. Pickup that he wrote when he was only 15!


Barry Goldberg’s Day Off

What more can we say about this episode other than: WATCH IT OVER & OVER

Pictured is Barry in the most 80’s coolness imaginable – jean jacket with popped collar.


Happy Mom, Happy Life

Beverly becomes grand-smother to Leia DeLorean Goldberg only to lose her in a freak doll-knapping-by-dog accident. The replacement she comes up with is nothing short of terrifying and her involvement puts a strain on Adam & Dana’s relationship. Elsewhere Erica joins the JTP to get back at Barry for stealing her best friend away.

Look at that smile. Beverly is a happy mom! How could Adam *not* have a happy life?!

The Goldies 2015 – Week 4

It’s Goldies Week 4 and we have passed the halfway point. We wanted to give you plenty of time to pick your favorite episode. It’s hard to choose when there are 24 possibilities, so we just included a handful but you can write-in your absolute favorite. If it gets mentioned enough times we’ll move it to the main list! Vote, reblog, share, repost & vote again!

Just like last year, you can vote as many times as you want and you can go back to vote in previous categories until voting is closed at the end of August. Get out the vote!

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The Goldies 2015 – Week 3

It’s Week 3 and we’ve only got two categories for you this week, but each one has quite a few choices. Feel free to fill in any that we may have missed!

Just like last year, you can vote as many times as you want and you can go back to vote in previous categories until voting is closed at the end of August. Get out the vote!

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‘Who’s Got The Look?’ Part 6

Part 6 continues through Season Two of The Goldbergs! You can click here for Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4, and Part 5 to catch up with where we’ve been. But before you go any further, VOTE VOTE VOTE for The Goldies!!


Big Baby Ball

The point of this episode is to show how awful gym class was in middle school if you weren’t blessed with the skills of an athlete. We know the feeling all too well. Bev does take things a little too far with Coach Mellor but it did make for a great scene at the furniture store. Back at the house Barry is constantly losing to Erica – even in a game of his own design: Barry-Nopoly. Can he eke out a win in Junior Trivial Pursuit?

We cannot verify whether or not this person is a member of the Goldberg family. Clearly he has Adam’s “sports aren’t your sport” skills but who is this awkward quarterback, really?

EDIT: Straight from Bev (@goldilocks405) herself, “That’s Barry throwing the ball”


A Goldberg Thanksgiving

We hope this tradition never ends. Uncle Marvin (Dan Fogler) visiting at Thanksgiving is the gift that keeps on giving! The Wizard and the Power Glove make awesome appearances here, as does an aerobics class with Beverly & Erica. When a pulled vajingo occurs, you know this Thanksgiving won’t be forgotten any time soon.

Pictured are the Goldberg boys. Barry is trying to look too cool for this photo or possibly looking at the wrong camera. Murray chooses to bless his oldest & youngest with a father’s touch.


I Rode A Hoverboard

Many burning questions are answered in this episode, such as: Can one episode start with George Michael and end with Big Tasty Pork? What won’t Beverly put cheese on? Does Dave Kim have a family? Were hoverboards real, Bob??

In the picture we see the friendship that has stood the test of time: Emmy, Adam & some dog.


The Most Handsome Boy On The Planet

Barry is approached in the mall by a “talent scout” who convinces Barry to become a model. Beverly is completely on board because she is convinces of her boy’s deliciousness. Erica knows it’s a scam and Barry has second thoughts once Bev jumps in on some photos. We also get to find out that Murray’s father is STILL ALIVE and LIVES NEARBY!!! What the…??

After this show aired, Adam said that these were actual glamour shots of one of the writers or other crew member. A brave writer or other crew member.


Let’s cut right to the chase – the music video and re-creation at the end of the episode is completely epic. [Kudos to Chad Kremp for finding this and getting it back to Adam in time for the episode.] After the boys find Erica’s New Kids on the Block stuff in the garage and try to use it to their embarrassing advantage, they find out their teasing has actually turned them into fans of the band!

Going out on a limb here and saying that this picture has nothing to do with NKOTB. Most likely drawn by a toddler who loves his/her ‘babby’, this doodle appears to show a young girl with pink bow in her hair. Anyone care to comment?

The Goldies 2015 – Week 2

We’ve already had over 100 votes in our first two categories and this week we add 5 more! It’s Guest Star week on the 2nd Annual Goldnerds Fan Awards – The Goldies! This time around you have the option to vote for your favorite guest stars throughout The Goldbergs Season 2. We dove back into all 24 episodes to pull out the visitors who made the most of their short time on the show this season.

Just like last year, you can vote as many times as you want and you can go back to vote in previous categories until voting is closed at the end of August. Get out the vote!

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The Goldies 2015 – Week 1

Summer time for a fan of The Goldbergs means it’s time for the 2nd Annual Goldnerds Fan Awards; or as we affectionately like to call them: The Goldies! You can relive the excitement of last year by checking out our wrap-up post with all the winners. Our original explanation for The Goldies still stands, though the times and some categories will definitely change. We will release new categories every Monday for the next 5 weeks.

You may wonder if any of this makes a difference. Well, we’re not going to go so far as to say that these awards influence the show’s content, but when we asked what you guys most wanted to see in Season 2, you responded with an 80’s TV or movie star…cut to Charlie Sheen in “Barry Goldbergs Day Off.” Coincidence or Goldies Magic??

For the first week you will see some familiar categories, however the coveted f-bomb trophy will now have two winners because so many people got in on the action! As always, you will have an opportunity to write-in your favorites from The Goldbergs Season 2. Now, let the voting begin!

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‘Who’s Got The Look?’ Part 5

Part 5 begins our trek through Season Two of The Goldbergs! You can click here for Part 1Part 2Part 3 and here for Part 4 to catch up with Season One.

Love Is A Mix Tape
Love Is A Mix Tape

Love Is A Mix Tape

Much like it is right now, last summer was an eternity waiting for new episodes of The Goldbergs. When it finally returned we found that the show didn’t miss a beat! Adam wants to declare is love for Dana in a way only the 80’s & 90’s knew how – make a mix tape of the most meaningful songs to woo her. Unfortunately Beverly intercepts the tape and assumes it’s for her. And then things get really awkward from there…

The other siblings conspire to get Barry a fake ID so he can make the beer run for the next party. Erica already has one emblazoned with the name “Sophia Lopez” and when Barry can’t think of a name, one is chosen for him: Carlos Del Monaco!

The picture above appears to be the real Barry’s fake ID. Unless he was born a few years earlier and didn’t live the family in Jenkintown, I think it’s safe to say this driver’s license is not up to snuff.

Mama Drama
Mama Drama

Mama Drama

Friend of the Goldnerds – Susan Cinoman – pitched the main story of this episode to Adam and he liked it so much he made it into an episode! You can read about Susan’s experience here and listen to our exclusive interview with Susan on Episode 10 of The Goldnerds Podcast.

In the episode Adam doesn’t get the part he wants in the school play which leads to a showdown between “blonde monster” Bev and drama teacher Ms. Cinoman. Meanwhile Barry is upset at Murray for leaving sporting events too early so Murray tries to find someone else to go with him. It doesn’t work out so well. But we do find out that Vic is from Edmonton. Oh, Canada!

Pictured above is the argyled Mur-man with young Adam.

The Facts of Bleeping Life
The Facts of Bleeping Life

The Facts of Bleeping Life

“It sounds like nobody’s going to take it.” So says Pops upon hearing Barry & Adam’s Twisted Sister cover band. Realizing they need a gig, Barry proposes they play at Bev & Murray’s upcoming wedding vow renewals. Why renew? Well because Chuck & Diana had a wedding that was a little more majestic & regal than the Goldbergs’. Also vying for band superstardom is the Gal Pals – consisting of Lainey & Erica and a lot more talent. When Bev finds out Murray faked his vows she calls the whole thing off. Will they “sha la la la” happily ever after? Watch to find out!

The post-story-pre-credits scene showed Adam and Barry rocking out to something. Barry is playing bass in the photo above.

Shall We Play A Game?
Shall We Play A Game?

Shall We Play A Game?

In this episode the JTP arrive on the scene and your life will never be the same. After Barry & his crew see War Games they’re convinced that Adam and his computer can hack into the school and change their grades. Adam realizes this is much harder than it seems in a major motion picture, so he fakes out the crew so he can join their “cool” ranks. Also trying to be cool is Beverly who finds out that Erica & her friends hang out with one of the other moms who is super cool! The Bevernator tries to liven things up with her typical amount of success.

We’re going to go out on a limb and say that this picture is of Adam’s wife when she was a little girl. She definitely shows up later but this one has an air of mystery.

Family Takes Care of Beverly
Family Takes Care of Beverly

Family Takes Care of Beverly

It’s Halloween! In an attempt to break a non-existent Abba Zabba record Barry eats himself into the hospital with a blocked bowel. Before this happens, though, Barry invokes Bushido Code on Erica for saving her life by knocking a soda out of her hands after she ate some Pop Rocks. He wants her to talk him up to Lainey, but things backfire and the Abba Zabba takes hold of his insides.

Across town Pops is evicted from his apartment after burning it down during a Halloween party. Bev offers up the attic and jumps at the chance to have all of her boys under one roof. Even though Pops wouldn’t mind going to live at “Shady Willows” Bev is concerned her worst nightmare will come true – that everyone will leave her once they get older.

Adam & Beverly are pictured, and Adam’s reassuring hand says “I’ll never leave you….until I’m old enough, that is!”

‘Who’s Got The Look?’ Part 4

Part 4 wraps up Season One of The Goldbergs! You can click here for Part 1, here for Part 2, and here for Part 3 to catch up.

The President's Fitness Test
The President’s Fitness Test

The President’s Fitness Test

An amazing episode where we find out that Adam is not so skilled in the physical department, but he was scrumptious in Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. This is also the first time we see Coach Mellor & Beverly square off. Erica plays a somewhat vicious prank on Barry involving the French language & wetting the bed.

The picture shows Adam with his pen pal, Fanny, to whom this episode is dedicated.

You're Not Invited
You’re Not Invited

You’re Not Invited

Barry convinces Adam to host a “no parents allowed” birthday party so that Adam can get his first kiss. Shockingly this backfires when Barry has to drink a ton of milk before they can all play Spin the Bottle. 7 Minutes in Heaven doesn’t exactly go as it did in Teen Wolf either when Bev appears in the closet with Adam & Dana. Thankfully Adam’s original plan of Laser Tag is exactly what the doctor ordered and when Adam sacrifices himself to Dave Kim’s blast in order to save Dana he gets that liplock after all.

The beautiful Bert & Ernie cake shown above was spoofed in the episode when Bev’s Bert winds up looking like Sloth from The Goonies. I only see 4 lit candles on the cake which would place this on April 2, 1980!

The Age of Darkness
The Age of Darkness

The Age of Darkness

Erica dates Drew Kremp and is the happiest she’s ever been. When she is subsequently dumped by him she plunges into the titular darkness with Bev & Murray wondering how to pull her out of it. On the other side of the house Barry is nursing an arcade addiction to the new Punch Out game – going so far as to sell Adam’s Millennium Falcon to fund his habit.

Pictured are besties Beverly Goldberg and Virginia Kremp. Since both women had all boys I’m fairly certain none of them dated each other and subsequently broke up. I wonder how the real Eric & Drew feel about this plotline…

A Wrestler Named Goldberg
A Wrestler Named Goldberg

A Wrestler Named Goldberg

The episode that spawned a movement (click here for our first post)! The two super-strong plotlines are: Adam convinces Erica (secretly a huge Star Wars fan) to take him to wait in line for the release of Return of the Jedi; and Barry secretly joins the wrestling team (mostly to impress Lexy Bloom) but pretends to join the school play (“Annie”) to hide the truth from Beverly. If Thomas Lennon (Lt. Dangle) on a tauntaun wasn’t enough hilarity, the scene on the wrestling mat between Barry & Bev is one for the ages!

Special episode dedication to the Ultimate Warrior (who had recently passed away before this aired).

We have no idea who/what Asti Pasti *heart*243*heart* is or what the guitar significance is in relation to this episode. Perhaps an Anti-Pasti cover band? HELP

Livin' On A Prayer
Livin’ On A Prayer

Livin’ On A Prayer

The Season One finale cemented Big Tasty in our hearts with an EPIC house party while the parents were away. With one last chance to impress Lexy Bloom (Halloween & wrestling didn’t turn out so well) Barry decides an end-of-the-year spectacular is called for. When only 2 dudes show up (if only the JTP was in the mix this season!) Erica is urged by Pops to have pity on Barry and call a few friends. Things quickly get out of hand (pizza on the record player? a sweater party? Gustav?) culminating with Lainey kissing Barry twice ostensibly to “make Lexy jealous.” Best.Night.Ever.

Why were the parents away? Well it turns out there’s more to Murray that we ever knew. He held the record for most free throws made in high school. Someone broke his record so the school is having a ceremony in his honor. Bev attends while donning a hat that is quite grandiose in nature (must be seen to be believed).

The real Murray’s high school basketball picture concludes the episode and the season on a very high note. Murray passed away in 2008 and Adam has described one of the joys in doing the show is that he “gets to resurrect [his] dad every week” which is an amazing thing to say and a wonderful way to close out Season One.

Stay tuned for Season 2!

GOLDNERDS GIVEAWAY: Hey, thanks for making it this far. Since we wrapped up Season One we thought it was fitting to give people a chance to watch the season in its entirety! If you’d like an opportunity to win The Goldbergs Season One on DVD, please follow this link.

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