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A Goldbergs Gift Guide

So maybe you missed out on winning The Ultimate Goldnerds Gift Pack, but you still want to get some good items for The Goldbergs fan in your life (or yourself….let’s be honest). Well you are in luck! The Goldnerds have teamed up with CafePress to highlight some of their greatest Goldbergs-themed gift items from various designers that you will definitely want for the holidays.

Remember that these designs are available on more than just T-Shirts, so customize them to get exactly the gift you desire! Here are some of our favorites (click on each picture to go to that item):

Ball-Ball Champion The Goldbergs Baseball Jersey
Recently seen in “A Christmas Story”, Ball Ball and its ever-changing rules is a game for the ages
Big Tasty featuring Lil' Yum Yum
From the Season 3 premiere comes a rap duo no one ever expected
Goldbergs Social Awareness Club T-Shirt
From “I Caddyshacked The Pool,” if a cause matters to you then the Social Awarness Club will put it on a shirt!
2015-12-12 11_26_28-Travel Mug by ADMIN_CP3269
You technically can’t say JTP if you’re not in the JTP, but no one said anything about merchandise
Demander Of Excellence Goldbergs
Lainey finds out in the Season 3 premiere that being a Goldberg kid means experiencing the Demanding of Excellence
I'm So Flappy The Goldbergs
Also in the Season 3 premiere Beverly wears exactly how she feels (or the opposite)
I Believe T-Shirt
A Goldnerds classic! Let the whole world know where your allegiance is

Host Your Own Season Finale Party for The Goldbergs!

We are all sad that the season is coming to a close but we KNOW they’ll all be back in the Fall! In the meantime why not send The Goldbergs into the Summer with a bang – and host your own Season Finale party?! Turn Around Bright Eyes airs on Wednesday May 13th and we’ve got just what you need for a fun night.finale-party

Whether you’re flying solo or hanging out with a few dozen of your closest friends, the first thing you’ll want to do is register with the Goldnerds event here to let us and everyone else know that you’re a fan of the best show on TV!2015-05-01 12_11_26-The Goldbergs Season 2 FINALE Registration _ Eventbrite

Next you’re going to need some Goldnerd swag. There are plenty of designs at CafePress & other sites, but The Goldnerds have also created a few specific designs.

i_believe_jr_football_tshirtOur first and most popular is the “i believe in 1980 something” statement that looks good on everything from T-Shirts to mugs.

OGStickerNext up is our “O.G. Original Goldnerd” design which looks excellent on wearables and a sticker!

ComeSailAwayFinally is “Come Sail Away” which celebrates the skating maven that is Beverly Goldberg. The party is guaranteed to liven-up when you’re caught wearing anything from the Goldnerds collection!

Now that you’ve told the world you’re a Goldnerd and you’re wearing the right stuff, what do you do before (and after) the show actually airs? Food & Games of course!

Over at the event site you’ll find recipes to such Goldbergs classics as “Toad in a Hole,” “Big Tasty Pork,” and Murray’s favorite: “Shrimp Parm.” These culinary oddities are sure to delight any guest who may stop by – including Dave Kim.

If weather and local laws permit you can venture outside to your local Wawa parking lot for a few rounds of Smashball with the JTP. For an indoor ball game, who can forget the knee-killer knows as Ball Ball. Rules are provided below for reference.BallBallRules

Finally, we have created a video trivia game involving every episode of Season 2 (excluding the finale) and will be posting it on YouTube 24 hours before the finale airs. This can be played solo or with a group and can be used as a refresher before, or a ‘reminiscer’ after, the finale. Watch this space for the link! And here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqtbBSWRmZ4

With these tips you’re sure to be on your way to a successful Seasn 2 Finale Party for The Goldbergs! Be sure to share any pictures/videos/high scores with us through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & Instagram!

Coming Up on The Goldbergs

It’s just a few hours until showtime here on the West Coast but we wanted to summarize what’s in store for the rest of Season 2 on The Goldbergs!

The Man In BlackAs You Wish” – Tonight (April 22nd) is The Princess Bride episode that has inconceivably not received as much promotion as we’d hoped. But we know you’ll be watching as Bev returns to her matchmaking ways (see S1:E4 “Why’re You Hitting Yourself?” & S2:E12 “The Darryl Dawkins Dance” for previous attempts) for Adam’s teachers Ms. Cinoman & Mr. Mellor! Also Adam takes up fencing in order to recreate the greatest swordfight in modern times!

The many faces of Erica Goldberg

Dance Party USA” – Wednesday, April 29th – Thinking Pop’s luck can rub off on him, Adam gambles at school and loses his toys as a result. Beverly replaces them but Adam knows better. He also learns something new about Pops that allows Adam to accept his grandfather for who he is. Meanwhile, Erica dreams to dance on a popular TV dance show, but her dream quickly turns into a nightmare when Barry gives her pink eye and she’s not in a condition to be on television. In addition to Hayley Orrantia getting multiple makeovers as Erica Goldberg, look for a special onscreen appearance by a real member of the Goldbergs family!

BillMurrayVicBill/Murray” – Wednesday, May 6th – As Erica works on her application to Julliard, Adam and Beverly think she needs to do something big to stand out, so they decide to create a music video starring Erica. However, the music video does not go as Adam planned. Meanwhile, Murray ends up bonding with Lainey’s dad Bill, and Murray learns what it means to be a real friend. Check out The Goldnerds Podcast with Adam Goldberg for more information about this episode.

TurnAroundTurn Around Bright Eyes” “Goldbergs Feel Hard” – SEASON FINALE Wednesday, May 13th – When Erica gets accepted into a summer arts school, Beverly insists on throwing her a going-away party. Just as she departs for ten weeks, Beverly overly shows her affections while Murray struggles to tell Erica how he really feels. Meanwhile, Barry decides to be the school mascot to be closer to Lainey, but unbeknownst to him, their rival school is planning to beat up the mascot at the upcoming game.

The Goldbergs airs Wednesday nights at 8:30/7:30c on ABC!

Goldbergs News!

In the middle of the Marvel internet freakout, some really cool news about upcoming episodes of The Goldbergs was released that you may have missed.

  • Ferris Bueller Tribute Episode

On Tuesday it was announced that the John Hughes homage is finally set – “Adam’s Folly” will be based on the hit 1986 classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. From The Hollywood Reporter:

“Ferris Bueller (played by Matthew Broderick) exuded cool. He got the girl, he had the epic day off, he outsmarted his teachers, parents, siblings and classmates. And the way John Hughes captured that epic day of fun, it was the obvious choice to send the Goldbergs on a quest to re-create that awesome day off,” Goldberg said in a statement. “My older brother Barry and I had little in common growing up, but we shared an equal obsession with Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Watching it over and over was how we bonded and we quoted lines from it as if it was our secret language. We saw ourselves in the iconic character of Ferris, the popular schemer who could do no wrong. However, we all knew the reality — neither of us was a Ferris. Sadly, we both more resembled Cameron (Alan Ruck), Ferris’ hapless sidekick.”

We’re looking forward to the many possibilities this episode can bring. Compared to a 22-minute episode, the hilarity-ensuing hijinks of Ferris are virtually limitless. Here’s to hoping Ben Stein gets a cameo, we get to hear “Oh Yeah!” (maybe with a Twix or two), and that Barry walks out in his robe at the end saying “You’re still here? It’s over. Go home!”

  • New Kids on the Block tribute

On Wednesday, also from Lesley Goldberg at The Hollywood Reporter, we found out a little more information about an upcoming episode entitled “DannyDonnieJoeyJonJordan” based on those guys with the ‘Right Stuff,’ NKOTB. Says Adam:

“I have a whole episode mapped out in my head about the time that me and Chad Kremp became obsessed with the New Kids. It started out in jest, and we ended up really loving their music. And that’s perfect for Adam and Barry.”

  • The Return of Big Tasty

If you missed last night’s Halloween Episode – “Family Takes Care of Beverly” – you missed the return of Barry’s rap persona/alter-ego Big Tasty. With the JTP (Jenkintown Posse) beatboxing in the background Big Tasty rapped his love for Lainey (or L to the Y to the N to the E). With news that a mini-Bev called Evelyn is on the horizon to be set up with Barry for an episode 2015, and word that Lexy Bloom will return, it sounds like the tough-but-gentle warrior will have his hands full with the ladies this season!

  • Upcoming episodes – November sweeps

IMDB has the order all out of whack, but the press releases for the next few episodes are as follows:

November 5th – The CMA Awards take over all of ABC’s Wednesday night lineup so new episodes are pushed back a week.

November 12th – “Big Baby Ball”

“When Mr. Meller singles out Adam during a game of Dodgeball, Beverly intervenes to protect Adam and gets Meller fired. But soon, Murray and Adam see him in a new light, so Beverly tries to get his job back…will she succeed? Meanwhile, Barry can’t accept Erica is better than him in a new board game… Trivial Pursuit”

November 19th – “A Goldbergs Thanksgiving”

“As a bet, Beverly challenges Erica to participate in Jazzercise after she thinks her mom’s obsession is lame.  When she wins, Erica decides to opt out of celebrating Thanksgiving so Beverly must find a way to win her daughter back to celebrate the holiday with the family.  Meanwhile, uncle Marvin shows up for his annual visit to the Goldberg home and unexpectedly bonds with Adam which annoys Murray.”

Which means it’s quite possible that Dan Fogler – 2014 Goldies winner for best guest star – will be returning! Wonder if we’ll see Nitrous (Dustin Ybarra) again this season as well?

Which episode are you most looking forward to in November?