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Goldnerds Membership Card Contest

Season 4 is fast approaching. Where has the summer gone? And where are my new Goldnerds cards (you may be asking yourself)? Well you’re in luck! YOU have the power to do something about it!

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A Goldbergs Gift Guide

So maybe you missed out on winning The Ultimate Goldnerds Gift Pack, but you still want to get some good items for The Goldbergs fan in your life (or yourself….let’s be honest). Well you are in luck! The Goldnerds have teamed up with CafePress to highlight some of their greatest Goldbergs-themed gift items from various designers that you will definitely want for the holidays.

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Ball-Ball Champion The Goldbergs Baseball Jersey
Recently seen in “A Christmas Story”, Ball Ball and its ever-changing rules is a game for the ages
Big Tasty featuring Lil' Yum Yum
From the Season 3 premiere comes a rap duo no one ever expected
Goldbergs Social Awareness Club T-Shirt
From “I Caddyshacked The Pool,” if a cause matters to you then the Social Awarness Club will put it on a shirt!
2015-12-12 11_26_28-Travel Mug by ADMIN_CP3269
You technically can’t say JTP if you’re not in the JTP, but no one said anything about merchandise
Demander Of Excellence Goldbergs
Lainey finds out in the Season 3 premiere that being a Goldberg kid means experiencing the Demanding of Excellence
I'm So Flappy The Goldbergs
Also in the Season 3 premiere Beverly wears exactly how she feels (or the opposite)
I Believe T-Shirt
A Goldnerds classic! Let the whole world know where your allegiance is

The Goldnerds Hotline

If you caught our latest episode of The Goldnerds Podcast (and why wouldn’t you? Click here if you missed it because you fell in a well or vacationed in a cave or something…) then you may have heard a random message pop up near the beginning of our “Lucky” discussion. That message was the first of its kind – a message to the Goldnerds Hotline!


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You can discuss the most recent episode and tell us what your favorite parts were, or ask about upcoming episodes, cast news & more. Just make sure to get it in by Thursday morning or your question may have to wait until the following week.

The Goldnerds Hotline is a US-based number but can accept calls from all over the world (charges may apply). Call 707-67NERD6 or 707-676-3736 today!

‘Who’s Got The Look?’ Part 9

The last cards of Season 2! You can click here for Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5 , Part 6Part 7 & Part 8 to catch up with where we’ve been.


As You Wish

We’ve got to address the picture first. If you’ve been watching Season 3 of The Goldbergs (and why wouldn’t you be?) then you have come across the video of Adam and his Jams. Check out the logo on his shorts here – that’s right: Jams! Giving Bev a big hug and making a funny face. A lot of love in this family.

In this episode Adam takes up fencing for only one reason: he wants to re-enact the swordfighting scene from The Princess Bride. The cardboard from paper towel rolls isn’t quite holding up so Adam goes in for the real thing. Murray seizes on this opportunity, thinking that Adam is finally going to become an athlete. But once Adam’s manipulative ways are revealed he either has to give up his lances or keep fencing to the pain.

On the other side of the house Bev plays matchmaker with Miss Cinoman & Coach Mellor. We hope this continues on into season 3 because even though Barry & Erica were vehemently against it the comedic possibilities are endless!


Dance Party USA

After this episode aired we asked Adam who was in this picture. He told us it was a picture of his wife when she was younger. Furthermore he said that he bases a lot of 9th grade Erica on his wife’s childhood.

In this episode we see Erica transform from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly only to be changed (temporarily) back to a caterpillar again. Not even Coach Mellor’s “uggo speech” can cheer her up. Be amazed as Barry’s pink eye travels from kaleidoscope to pillow to Erica & watch her slowly descend into madness. Hilarious!

Adam find out Pops really isn’t lucky and winds up gambling everything away to Garry Ball. Turns out, the Ball family is really lucky. When Pops loses his metaphorical shirt (and real-a-phorical jacket) to the principal it’s up to Beverly to figure out how to fix this mess so her baby isn’t sad for too long.



This has to be Bill Lewis in front of his car, right? How else could it relate to the episode?

When we last left Lainey’s dad, he had forbidden her to see Barry again. The fact that he’s a Cowboys fan in Eagles territory may have had something to do with it. When their kids are caught canoodling in the janitor’s closet the men are brought together in the principal’s office and find a common enemy: a Giants fan! Their relationship grows from there.

Meanwhile Adam bites off more than he can chew by helping Erica shoot a music video for her application to Julliard. Things don’t go quite as planned when Dave Kim brings over a snake and Beverly attempts to float Garfield on a stick into the shot (must be seen to be believed).


Goldbergs Feel Hard

The happiest/saddest finale in recent memory (though we hear a sad part may eventually get a run for its money). An in-focus Adam and an out-of-focus Beverly close out the season’s vanity cards.

Adam is intent on telling Dana that he loves her. This rubs off on Barry and he inadvertently tells Lainey that he loves her. She immediately starts feeling uncomfortable around him. In order to cover up for that mistake he becomes the school mascot to be closer to her while she cheerleads.

Adam, on the other hand, is getting mixed signals from everyone and decides to not tell Dana that he loves her which makes things awkward. After seeing Lainey finally profess her love for Barry, Adam heads to Dana’s house to tell her that he loves her. She says she loves him too, but there’s a twist – her family is moving to Seattle for the summer and possibly for good! If that wasn’t enough, Erica leaves on a jetplane for music camp which also leaves everyone teary-eyed.

Thankfully Season 3 has come along to cheer us up, but what will happen to all of these unresolved plotlines? And can any answers be found in the new vanity cards? Stay tuned!

Goldnerds Membership Packs for 2015

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‘Who’s Got The Look?’ Part 8

We’re almost to the end of Season Two & ready to start Season 3 of The Goldbergs! You can click here for Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5 , Part 6 & Part 7 to catch up with where we’ve been. You can also see all of the winners from the 2015 Goldies right here!


The Lost Boy

This picture could have also been used for The Most Handsome Boy on the Planet because Barry is strutting his model stuff here.

The Lost Boy is about Adam getting lost inside Veteran’s Stadium and spending the whole day looking for his Dad. While there are some funny situations that occur, the reunion scene in the parking lot at the end was my #1 Tearjerker Moment of Season 2 (it barely lost out to Dana telling Adam she’s moving away in Goldbergs Feel Hard in the Goldies this year). The B-side has to do with Beverly manipulating her older children to spend time with her. Heard it all before? Not like this one. At least see it for the harlequin clown riding a unicorn high-fiving a dolphin!


The Adam Bomb

This *also* would have been a good place to put the Barry picture, since it could be payback for Adam’s picture which is seared into the minds of so many impressionable viewers. Instead we get Charles Barkley and we’re not sure who…is it Dave Sirota? The episode states that Sirota’s dad works as a team doctor for the 76ers so he was able to score Barry one of Barkley’s shoes.

The episode establishes that there is always a war going on between Adam & Barry. They are mostly polar opposites in terms of likes & abilities. When an April Fool’s joke goes awry the stakes get raised ever higher until Barry drops the Adam Bomb in the form of an embarrassing photo Beverly made him take when he was younger. Elsewhere Murray learns that Erica wants to postpone college in lieu of a promising singing career. Tiffany shows up at the mall and “Riki Gold” knows that’s her ticket to stardom. Murray, always the dream smusher, switches gears and becomes the dream pusher so Beverly is thrust into the unfamiliar role of having to tone down her child’s dream.


I Drank The Mold

We want to say that this is Bev with Garry Ball, but it looks much more like a young Eric.

In this episode Erica & Barry are tasked with writing the greatest song ever (in order to get a new CD player) and come pretty close with Love Ninja! Highbrow lyrics and Barry’s vicious rap interlude send the song into the stratosphere! But the primary story is about Adam’s birthday where the boys are starting to get a little too old for a thing like a sleepover. Principal’s son Garry Ball brings over one of his dad’s homebrewed craft beers and it ends up making everyone sick. It hadn’t fermented, so it was just the mold. Major fallout ensues once the parents get a hold of this information.

Also of note, this episode was written by friend of the Goldnerds: Aaron Kaczander (who was a guest on our podcast this summer)!


La Biblioteca es Libros

We like to imagine that Barry is stressing out over checking the want ads for a job while Murray is just waiting to berate him further.

Adam is the one who spouts the titular line in an attempt to pass his Spanish class. It’s not going so well so Bev intervenes in a way that is unfair at best and most likely illegal – bribing the teacher for good grades. Meanwhile Barry gets his first job and earns Murray’s respect overlooking the fact that Erica has been responsible and had a job of her own for ages.


Just Say No

Barry is wearing the same shirt as in the previous vanity card, but it relates even more to this episode. Dumb Doug of the Meadowbrook Mafia (the bizarro JTP) claims Brandeis early admission during his introduction. It’s also lacrosse shirt which shows Barry’s athletic prowess in addition to his Brandeis smarts (the look on his face notwithstanding).

In this episode Erica wants her mom to get more politically involved rather than just voting for ‘Murray’s picks’ during every election cycle. Her plan backfires when Beverly gets hooked on Nancy Reagan’s style and her anti-drug “Just Say No” campaign. The uneasiness culminates in the 30-minute skit written by Bev herself wherein she plays “Spider, the drug pusher” attempting to lure an unsuspecting teen (played by Murray) into her web of drugs.

Across town the Meadowbrook Mafia has challenged the JTP’s turf and won. Barry wants to prove he’s the ultimate athlete so he co-opts Adam into making an American Gladiator audition tape. Since Adam doesn’t appreciate Barry’s treatment of him the tape turns into an entry for America’s Funniest Home Videos. Hilarity ensues.